Nano is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency with zero fees, instant transactions and high scalability. Each account is part of a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), which results in lightweight nodes that requires no mining, thus very low environmental impact. These features makes Nano ideal for peer-to-peer transactions, donations and purchases in everyday life all around the world! Feel free to browse this page to know more about Nano, how it can be used and how to obtain it.

Simple Comparison

Coin Fee Speed [Sec] Scalability [TPS] Energy [Wh/Tx]
Nano 0*1 3-20*3 100-1000*5 0.032*7
Bitcoin Fee market*2 600-3600*4 10*6 950,000*8
Multipliers Infinite 200x 10-100x 1/30,000,000x

*1 No mining, no fees.

*2 Typically around 0.1-1 USD/transaction but was $37 while network was saturated. No upper limit and controlled by demand.

*3 Depends on wallet and node hardware. Transaction Proof of Work can be pre-calculated making the transactions very fast.

*4 Depends on the fee. A high fee typically results in transactions to be cleared in 10min but with lower fee take 1h or more.

*5 Only limited by node hardware. 7000 TPS was done in early lab. No real test on mainnet has been made yet but will be as soon as planned protocol optimizations have been done. 100 TPS has already been seen on the network.

*6 Estimated hardcoded maximum allowed per block with Segwit.

*7 Mid 2018 value based on PoW needed for each tx. Reference: GTX1070 GPU at 100W + 100W computer.

*8 Mid 2018 value. Depends on hashrate which depends on market. Also depends of current tps.

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If you have a nano account you can help decentralize the network by choosing a representative other than the official reps that is default. Best is to choose someone you really trust. If you want you can choose This Node that has been running 24/7 since Feb 2018. I intend to keep it running for a long time and upgrade hardware when necessary!

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